Connect with your Emails in the magical land of Guatemala!

Guatemala is a mysterious place. This place has its epic El Petén’s secluded archaeological sites which are just so irresistable; the intriguing town of Chichicastenango with its pre-Hispanic beliefs and rituals even now. Wow! a place worth visiting, right? Yes! But being a professional, you can’t disregard those business mails that are waiting there for your replies, right? But not to worry! Hosted Exchange 2010 and BlackBerry Exchange server will help you be in touch with your mails!

However, as you are a non-native of Guatemala, if you want to configure the MS Exchange, first verify with your home country’s service providers regarding their roaming arrangements with Guatemala’s wireless carriers. Also, find out with Guatemala’s mobile service providers about the offers that they provide. In Guatemala, Claro is the biggest wireless providers.

Guatemala has 13+ million population and the official language of the country is Spanish. Apart from Spanish, there are 22 indigenous languages spoken in this country. However, for people using Microsoft Exchange Server, language is never a barrier. Exchange 2010 Hosting is available in an assortment language pack. Thus, it allows its Spanish users to access the hosted Exchange service features hassle-free that too in their own language!