The Role of Email Verification in Web Services


gmail-logoEmail has become the primary form of communications these days especially at work. Internet services and apps also rely heavily on email to communicate with clients, whether it be to promote their products via newsletters and offers or to send important notices like invoices and order confirmations. This is true for any business with an online presence, from online mega stores like Amazon to discount sites offering coupons for everything from cruises to permanent hair removal services.

With email playing such an important role, it is vital that online businesses get the correct or valid email address of each customer. After all, the last thing you want is for customers not to get important notices especially if it contains further instructions for a purchase to go through. Neither do you want to turn off potential customers by spamming them with emails that are meant for someone else, the same someone else that signed up using an incorrect email address.

This is where email verification comes in. If you have an online site, always make sure that email verification is part of the sign up process so that you will have the right email address for each customer on your database.

Image via Gmail