Desktop Apps Makes Way for Cloud-based Apps


When the cloud concept was first introduced, there was much hemming and hawing over security issues. Though its potential was pretty clear, there were still lots of skeptics and obviously many more who sat on the sidelines waiting to see how things pan out. Thankfully, the early adopters forged on so that these days no matter what industry you may be in, and even if you change jobs, cloud applications that can help in the business process exist.

This doesn’t mean though that all business do already use enterprise cloud applications since there are still many that do not realize its usefulness and even more than just can’t squeeze it in the budget just yet. However, the trend is pretty clear, with businesses having to transition to cloud-based applications especially with their clients’ (the users) growing reliance of mobile devices.

The time when desktop applications ruled the world is over, because it’s now time for cloud”-based, multi-modal, mobile apps to shine.

Image via Karen Ka Ying Wong