IFTTT: Making the Internet Work for You

Time and again, productivity apps that claim to take the work off your shoulders end up adding to your list of tasks as you obsess over managing the productivity app itself. IFTTT is one productivity app that finally does live up to its tagline “Put the Internet to work for you”, because that it exactly what it does.

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Like any productivity app, you do need to spend some time setting up tasks you want automated on IFTTT. However, once that’s done then you can completely forget about them.

IFTTT is really great because you can make it do so many tasks for you within and between its 65 channels. By simple using their formula “IF This Then That”, it lets you do so many things without having to personally see to them such as getting notifications on your email about the latest feeds on everything from bridal beauty to Apple products, cross-posting Pinterest pins to Twitter, archiving your files and photos from or to Dropbox, sending emails to your mailing list, and so much more.

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Crowd Funding Apps

Internet apps are available for every imaginable use these days, from business apps to productivity apps and even games. It should come as no surprise then that the internet is also being used to gather funds for projects.

Crowd funding or crowd financing is an increasingly popular way of getting money for various kinds of projects and activities via the internet. Instead of relying on just one individual or organization to provide the needed funds, crowd funding relies on the “collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money”.

While crowd funding has already been in existence even before the internet arrived, the internet has made crowd funding easier with individuals and organizations sharing the same cause or interested in the same ventures able to contribute without having to meet each other and regardless of geographical location. Crowd funding apps are also making it super convenient for those who need to raise funds to set up their own pages and thus tap into their network without a hitch. Thanks to these crowd funding apps, anyone can raise funds for any kind of project, from startup businesses and charity fund raisers to covering your personal expenses like your dream car or your beautiful wedding day celebration.

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Benefits of Internet Applications

Internet Applications are of various kinds but still exhibit that degree of benefit to the users. Through Internet Applications, information gathering has never been this easy. Users are able to instantly research answers to their questions concerning one’s personal needs, those needed for work, and others. Another is that through these applications, communicating is made more convenient knowing that there are now applications that cater to chat, calls, messaging, emailing, and even video calls. The aspect of entertainment is as well benefitted by these applications. Nowadays, there are news, films, music, and games that are readily available online. People are given a variety of options to spend for leisure. Nonetheless, a simple Internet connection and through these applications that cater to entertainment, one can be entertained and even pursue one’s interest and hobbies. The reasons stated show that indeed Internet Applications are made for a purpose and these purposes all aim to satisfy the need and interest of its users.

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On Supplemental Apps

apps iphoneThere many uses of the internet with many of them available to us in the form of apps. These apps may be essential for some functions, such as gaming apps for playing online mobile games, while some only serve as a supplement to an existing online service, such as a travel app for a travel review site.

Just because an app serves as a supplement to an existing online service does not mean that it is any less useful for users. Instead, the convenience it brings make it an essential to in the eyes of users who have become dependent on such apps. It’s like the difference between having a razor and getting permanent hair removal. While you can make do with the first, being hairless forever is even better!

For businesses, what this means is that it is important to think of ways to serve your customers better by making available an app that they would really find invaluable as part of your business strategy.

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Effects of the Internet

Indeed, Internet has led to an unexplainable contribution that resulted to people being inclined on its usage. With this, it can be said that this readily available source resulted to people being informed but at times, it is quite alarming on how they highly depend on the existence of the internet. It is a fact that through the internet, understanding and knowing are made easier. People get to instantly define a word, understand a book, and research on facts through its access. Shopping can be done online, bills can be paid through simply logging in a site, and even communication is made easy. These things show the great effects that Internet brought society today. On the other hand, Internet led to the users being highly dependent of it. The downside is that it is often the case that books are neglected since it can easily be downloaded, students sometimes don’t find the essence of long discussions from their teachers since through the internet, lessons can easily be learned and understood. All these things simple lead us to the realization that the usage of the Internet should be limited and not be abused.

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Uses of the Internet

Internet can readily be used in different locations. People at work, school, and even at malls seem to depend highly on the Internet for various reasons and purposes. Firstly, it is used for gathering information which may be in the form of facts, articles, news and others. Through this information, people are aware of the latest happenings around them and more importantly, they are given the opportunity to learn new things in the most convenient way. Next, the internet is as well used for reference on things that are need of deeper explanations and easy access of a person’s needs and wants. Everything seems to be available online. By just one click, a person’s needed information can be obtained. This simply explains that Internet is now a necessity to almost every parent, student, and worker. Internet will continue to be vital and as learning remains to be needed, the tendency is that it will remain one important source of such and it will continue to develop.

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Living with the Internet

Students, adults, and even the younger ones seem to be inclined with the usage of the Internet. This common source of knowledge has been widely used and seems to be inevitable to a person’s everyday life mainly because of the advantages brought by its usage. Living with the Internet basically leads to a convenient way of learning and gathering of information that are also believed to be the reasons on to why it is used. From books to shops to movies to reservations, everything appears to be easily accessible, done, and even bought through the internet. Life, with the use of this readily attainable reference appears to be the choice of living of almost any person. As internet remains in demand and as it continues to develop, non-users will feel the urge of making things easier with its usage and users will continue to find its importance and still choose to live with it.

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Customized Small Business Apps Keeps Customers Happy

The use of the internet by traditional brick and mortar businesses has grown so ubiquitous that even small businesses make use of customized apps to keep their customers happier. The customized apps vary greatly depending on the kind of business and the marketing strategy employed. For example it can be something as simple as an online forum where customers get to ask business owners or delegated moderators questions, give feedback, and interact with fellow customers. It can also be something that requires more creativity like mini-mobile games that is meant to increase brand recognition or something more useful like an online reservation page.

As mentioned above, the kind of internet app used will vary depending on the kind of business. While forums can be used by just about any kind of business, online reservations forms are more apt for business like bed and breakfast inns, restaurants, and even medical clinics, spas and salons. Whatever the case, the trend is towards even greater dependence on the internet and internet apps, which is why you can bet that you local retail shops and other small businesses will soon be offering something extra on the internet to keep you a happy customer.

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Top Internet Applications of Today

With all the information at our finger tips, faster communication and an easier way of exploring our history, culture, world and so much more, we can’t deny how the advent of the internet has changed our way of living in so many ways. And with the introductions of online applications or also known as web application or webware, life’s even become easier. For example, you dont need to learn Thai or other language you dont know. Just go to Google Translate and you would get your translation (but it would really be better to learn that real thing). Let’s take a look at the top 5 most useful internet application today.

1. Tiddly Wiki- Everyone knows the Wikipedia. The difference between these two applications is, Tiddly allow you to edit and write information about any topic. It’s a single file and you can save it as a document and share it easily. The best thing about this apps is it’s FREE.

2. NetVibes- RSS feeds, blog posts, news, weather, music, videos- all in one page, name it Netvibes is your ideal Homepage.

3. Jott- Do you always forget your scheduled appointments? Why not jott it! It’s totally cool. Jott works by sending you a message or call and tell whatever message you want.

4. Peepel- A great Microsoft office alternative. Now you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars, you can just visit Peepel and do whatever writing needs or even make a spreadsheet. Do multi tasking, open all windows you want, all in just one browser. Again, what’s make this apps more interesting- its FREE!

5. Youconvertit- From the name itself. This application allows you to convert any image, video or document in any format/ type you want, fast easy and conveniently!

These are just few internet applications that make the web totally exciting. Hope you enjoy the list.

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The Role of Email Verification in Web Services

gmail-logoEmail has become the primary form of communications these days especially at work. Internet services and apps also rely heavily on email to communicate with clients, whether it be to promote their products via newsletters and offers or to send important notices like invoices and order confirmations. This is true for any business with an online presence, from online mega stores like Amazon to discount sites offering coupons for everything from cruises to permanent hair removal services.

With email playing such an important role, it is vital that online businesses get the correct or valid email address of each customer. After all, the last thing you want is for customers not to get important notices especially if it contains further instructions for a purchase to go through. Neither do you want to turn off potential customers by spamming them with emails that are meant for someone else, the same someone else that signed up using an incorrect email address.

This is where email verification comes in. If you have an online site, always make sure that email verification is part of the sign up process so that you will have the right email address for each customer on your database.

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