Securing Email

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There are people that think that email is very safe because they trust the internet sites so much that everything is secure but there are also people think about the security of their email including businessmen, Vietnam comfort women, high school and college students, or even people who stay at home. There are a few important steps that you can take in order to increase the security of your email communication. The first is to make sure that only the person to whom you send a given message is able to read it. Going beyond the basics, it is sometimes critical that your email contacts have the ability to verify that a particular message truly came from you and not from someone who might be attempting to impersonate you. One way to accomplish this is described under Advanced email security, in the Encrypting and authenticating individual email messages section. Keep your webmail private. The Internet is an open network through which information typically travels in a readable format. If a normal email message is intercepted on the way to a recipient, its contents can be read quite easily. And, because the Internet is just one large, worldwide network that relies on intermediary computers to direct traffic, many different people may have the opportunity to intercept a message in this way. Your Internet Service Provider ISP is the first recipient of an email message as it begins its journey to the recipient. Similarly, the recipient’s ISP is the last stop for your message before it is delivered. Unless you take certain precautions, your messages can be read or tampered with at either of these points, or anywhere in between. It has long been possible to secure the Internet connection between your computer and the websites that you visit. You often encounter this level of security when entering passwords or credit card information into websites. The technology that makes it possible is called Secure Sockets Layer SSL encryption . You can tell whether or not you are using SSL by looking closely at your Web browser’s address bar.

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Downloading Safely

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The ability to download music and films on demand and share information is a great benefit of the internet, but keep the following information in mind. Check the sites that your children are using as the film and music industries monitor the internet for people downloading illegally and you’ll be held responsible for any illegal downloads your children make. By downloading material from illegal sites, children risk downloading viruses or spyware at the same time. They can also be downloaded from emails, pop-ups or sharing files as well as USB drives and connected devices. Bloatware, trojans, malware and worms can also be downloaded. These can do anything from taking control of your computer to slowing your device down. Phishing and pharming are ways of getting hold of private information, either by sending emails pretending to be a genuine organisation such as a bank or building society or sending you to copies of genuine websites. File-sharing websites usually need special software. If your children are using one to download illegal material , you may find a related icon on the desktop. Talk to your children about how to download safely and legally, and help them understand why it’s important to keep the computer free from viruses. Make it clear that it’s illegal to download most films and songs without paying for them. Research any download site your child is using and check it’s legal and trustworthy. Point your children to secure sites where they can buy music and films, such as iTunes or Amazon. You can limit the amount they spend by getting them gift cards for a particular sum. Look into services such as Spotify or Netflix which allows unlimited streaming.

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